Captain America: Civil War review


To be honest, I think I was one of the most hyped fanboy with this movie, and after I saw it, I thanked the good ol’ Odin for bringing the Russos to the MCU. Now, let’s begin.

Civil War starts right after the Age of Ultron disaster, showing some cool stuff that the avengers have been practicing, with some bad ass moves and techniques basically to show off the goodies that all have been learning. As the Winter Soldier, I like to call this one a “political thriller” as well, keeping the fans thrilled for the entire movie (which lasts about 2:30 hours).

Somewhat loyal to the source material of the Civil War arc with some twists really well handled by the Russos (I have to say that I hate almost every twist made to the source material, such as the X Men suits), the story shows a beautiful bromance between the Winter Soldier and Cap, and also the counterpart, where Tony and friends have a valid point of view of the situation. The fact that the directors took the time to show us both sides of the story it’s pretty remarkable because they’re letting the fans choose the side they think is cooler.

I’m not going to enter the details of the movie because I’m not a complete a^&hole, I’m just going to go with every new or fairly new character, and what I thought about them.


Cool as hell. It seems that Paul Bettany is committed to the role, and brings us an amazing Vision using bad ass sweaters, and caring about Scarlet Witch, just as the comics. Well played by Vision, who has incredible abilities that he didn’t show in Age of Ultron.

Scarlet Witch

DAMMMMN!!!! Bad ass abilities, and also fear about them, and most importantly, some love for Vision, oh yeah!

Black Panther

Simply the cooler incorporation to the Avengers (probably), with a clever introduction and showing a lot of diplomacy (after all, he’s a prince) and support for the situations happened. I have to say, that now I’m hyped for the Black Panther film, waiting to see more from Chadwick as the wakanian (or is it wakandian?, I don’t know).


I think Spiderman is one of the reasons that many people are excited about the movie, and let me tell ya, it’s ok to be. The kid just nails it, being as glorious as Spidey has to be, showing a cool web swinger and most important: making us forget Toby (thanks again Odin) and also Andrew (sorry for you dude, you’re a good actor).

To end, I have to say this is one of the best movies ever made by Marvel studios, surpassed only by The Winter Soldier (just my opinion). If I have to give a number, I go for an 8.

I hope you guys enjoyed my review, and if you haven’t seen Civil War, what are you waiting for?

See ya!


Newsflash & Grails useful stuff

Hello to you, good ‘ol people who follow me. Sorry I haven’t been around for like 2 weeks or so, but I was occupied with some development I’m doing and that it needs to be done before Monday. But here I’m again, giving you guys the newsflash of these few days. To start, let me say that yesterday, I was able to buy tickets for the Civil War premiere on April 27th, so expect a non spoiler review.

Getting back to the initial objective of the post, today I’m bringing you a step by step guide for Grails deployment in Tomcat server, in Debian-based server environments (Debian server, Ubuntu server, etc.). I’m going to try to make this tutorial for beginners, but if you have any doubts, feel free to ask me.

So, let’s start!

Prepare your server environment.

First thing you want to do, is to prepare the software needed for the deployment, which in this case it’s free and open for us to use it (yei!). The software components we’ll be using are: Apache2 web server (or httpd), phpMyAdmin, MySql server, Tomcat application server, all in their latest releases.

We start by installing Apache2, from a terminal (local or SSH, doesn’t matter), executing the following command:

sudo apt-get install apache2

When prompted, say ‘Yes’ and the terminal will do all the work. If successful, you should be able to see something like this when navigating to the server’s IP address:


Secondly, let’s install MySQL server (I’m using this for the example, could be the one you prefer), by executing this command:

sudo apt-get install mysql-server

The terminal is going to ask you for a root password, so type in the password to use for the root user in MySQL and that will do it.

Thirdly, the phpMyAdmin. In Debian based servers, the installation is similar to the ones we have already ran, with this command:

sudo apt-get install phpMyAdmin


When the command prompts for the server selection, choose the freshly installed Apache2 web server.

Fourthly, the famous Tomcat server. I strongly recommend downloading the binaries and upload them into the server, in the path you prefer. To keep it organized, I recommend the /usr/share folder for the upload. I’m assuming that the binaries are inside a tar file still, so we start by “un-tar”ting them, with the command:

tar -xvf [name of the file].tar.gz

Once untarted, and assuming that Java is properly installed on your server instance, you can go on and start Tomcat, but let’s just let it off for now.

Config the software.

The config is made mostly on the phpMyAdmin, because we need to connect this client to the MySQL server. Fortunately, the process is quite simple, here it goes:

First, edit the file located on the root folder of phpMyAdmin, which is located in /etc/phpmyadmin/ if you installed the client using apt-get.

Once located, we have to edit it, to set our database server password properly.

These are the lines you’re looking for:

$cfg['Servers'][$i]['user'] = 'root';
$cfg['Servers'][$i]['password'] = 'your password';

Prepare the deployment.

We’re almost done! Be proud of yourself! This is no easy config if made with no tutorials, so be proud.

The last config we need to do is our Tomcat server, to make it capable of connecting both back end with it’s database. We need to edit the Tomcat‘s context.xml file in order to connect, and since this is the most tricky part, I developed a connection string for MySQL, check it out below:

<Resource name="jdbc/[database name]"
username="[your user]"
password="[your password]"
url="jdbc:mysql:/[database IP address]:3306/[database name]"
maxIdle="3" />

You are maybe wondering how the Tomcat is going to know the way MySQL communicates and handles the data and well, the question is about to be answered. What you need to do is go ahead and download the connector from MySQL and place the .jar file into the lib folder of Tomcat.

What’s next?! Well, now it’s time to upload our webapp, so feel free to generate the web apps’ WAR file, and just copy it to the webapps folder of the Tomcat. After the upload, just start the server with the script in the bin folder, wait for the server to start, and enjoy your web app!

That’s it for today folks! Hope this tutorial will make your life easier! See ya around!

Batman V Superman review

So, after seeing all the leaked and trailer footage, and judging by the output for Man of Steel and it’s director, I wasn’t expecting the greatest super hero film ever made. Actually I went to see it just because I’m a fanboy, and well, a believer that the DC universe has enough material to make great movies, even better than Marvel’s.

So, here is my review for Dawn of justice:

Batman V Superman: good things and bad things.
Entering skeptical to see a movie, gives us a space to be critical, to analyze, and somehow tear to see where really good and not so good.
We started with the hard film 2:30 accurate, creating an interesting bat expectation, most everything that was known in advance of the film.

Good things:

1. Batman, and everything related to.
Undoubtedly, Batman always generates intrigue, is one of the most beloved super heroes and it’s a true shame when it is badly managed (f*ck u George Clooney and Val Kilmer) but this is not the case. We all know that Ben Affleck is not the greatest actor in Hollywood, and that we can all agree that is better as a writer, his Batman is the most remarkable thing in the entire flick. His Batman is even comparable to what the Keatons’ Batman did in the 80’s, and with a way cooler Alfred, and a series of cool gadgets, which presumably he makes.
2. Wonder Woman. Although it has her own things to do, very well made, excellent casting, and being as bad ass as expected from WW.
3. Cameos. Simply brilliant.
4. Fight scenes. The Batman ones are brutal, the Superman ones must be improved, but they’re good overall.

Things not so good:
1. Superman. Although Henry Cavill is very similar to the comic book Superman, and that in the previous movie unfolded very well, in BvS simply goes almost to third plane, and it’s becomes somewhat unnecessary.
2. Lois Lane: more appearances that she should have. Very good actress and the role it does, but appears too much in the plot, making us wonder if the movie is about Superman or Lois Lane.
3. Lex Luthor: since the cast announcement, I wasn’t happy with the choice for Lex Luthor. Jesse just doesn’t get it, it’s terribly overacted, and the worst thing, trying to look Jokerish.
4. The plot itself. The writers are the MoS ones, which had shown little ability to provide good script and story, this movie not being the exception.
5. Showing the big bads in films that are just second installment. Doomsday is the big bad in Superman, the only one who manages to kill him and also gives him a terrible headache; could have been delayed for a future film.
6. Brutality of Batman. When you see the movie, you’ll understand.

From my perspective, BvS gets an 6/10.

So, thank you for reading and if you have comments, please post them below! See ya!

Hello there, little world!

Hi guys! I’m back with some recent news of what I’ve been doing lately, at work and at my personal life.

Let me tell you that my ankle is finally fine. I haven’t return to the gym or anything like that (because I’m almost 100% sure that I’ll be joining an american football team) but I can sprint, or even go through stairs without pain.

In regards of my personal life well, I went to La Fortuna last weekend, and also saw the Age of Ultron fim, which I was waiting for almost year and a half I believe.

(Brother cameo, Arenal volcano and La Fortuna river)

The movie was kinda great, I liked it, but as always there was some ups and downs.

With work, well, occupied as always, but happy, enjoying Android more and more every day, and investigating and reading tons of interesting stuff regarding that. By the way, I moved from Eclipse to Android Studio, because Google finally released an stable version of their IDE and let me tell you that is absolutely great, making Android programming easier with every update.

So, if you guys are using Eclipse still, I strictly recommend you to move to Android Studio and start digging, reading and making new apps!

That’s it for today, hope you enjoy it! Kind regards!

Mobile technologies usage in education

Hello there! Hope you guys hanging great, just like I do!

So, I wrote a little paper, not much, about “Mobile technologies usage in education” as an assignment for my Advance programming II class.

As the title says, it pretty much talks about the Costa Rican environment in regards of mobile techs in education, and how we must take the next step  by using them the right way, in terms of education, no matter the age.

Hope you guys like it! If you have comments or something to say, let me know, with the comments below. Oh, and by the way, the paper was made in Spanish, as requested by my professor.

Tendencias del uso de la tecnología móvil en la educación

Ankle update: I’m better now, the ankle is not swollen much anymore, and I’m able to do little runs (like the ones I make every morning to catch the bus :))

So, I’ll see you soon! Thanks!

Twisted ankle

(Great song for you guys to listen while reading ^^)

Hi guys! It’s been a long time since I wrote the last post and I want to apologize, this last month was rough for my at work and college, but I’m back! With no so good news xD

So I was invited by some former classmates from elementary to play soccer, nothing serious, just hang out a while and play soccer. I was stretching and warming up when I twisted my ankle in a not sexy way, and the pain became more than present.

Went to the clinic and it happens to be a sprained right ankle, so I’ve been in bed for like two days, until today, that I came back to work.

Not so nice couple of days, mostly because yesterday I had to work anyways from home.

So, I’ll be back with some more posts more often! See ya later, alligator! 😀