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Grails logo

I’ve started working at this new place right, where I could FINALLY begin working with back ends for mobile applications or web applications, it really doesn’t matter for me lol.

When I got here last year, I already had heard about this Grails thing, but wasn’t really familiar with the framework.

I’m a very autodidact person so I got the official book (can’t post it because it has copyrights) and started reading and reading and reading. My laptop isn’t the sharpest thing on the planet (I’m building a new one lol) so the learning process was very slow.

To make a long story short, I finished the book, began working and then the trouble came… Grails isn’t as magic as the book says! I had to read again, and make a super effort (which is nice, don’t get me wrong) and getting back to basics with database queries and database design (something Grails automatically does).

So as a conclusion, Groovy and Rails combined making Grails is a great and fast solution for web an API’s, but (and there’s a big BUT) if you’re familiar with MVC programming and love to experiment with your time off. You can always learn if you don’t have those features, but it can maybe turn into something tedious.

See ya later, alligator!


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