Mobile technologies usage in education

Hello there! Hope you guys hanging great, just like I do!

So, I wrote a little paper, not much, about “Mobile technologies usage in education” as an assignment for my Advance programming II class.

As the title says, it pretty much talks about the Costa Rican environment in regards of mobile techs in education, and how we must take the next step  by using them the right way, in terms of education, no matter the age.

Hope you guys like it! If you have comments or something to say, let me know, with the comments below. Oh, and by the way, the paper was made in Spanish, as requested by my professor.

Tendencias del uso de la tecnología móvil en la educación

Ankle update: I’m better now, the ankle is not swollen much anymore, and I’m able to do little runs (like the ones I make every morning to catch the bus :))

So, I’ll see you soon! Thanks!


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