Hello there, little world!

Hi guys! I’m back with some recent news of what I’ve been doing lately, at work and at my personal life.

Let me tell you that my ankle is finally fine. I haven’t return to the gym or anything like that (because I’m almost 100% sure that I’ll be joining an american football team) but I can sprint, or even go through stairs without pain.

In regards of my personal life well, I went to La Fortuna last weekend, and also saw the Age of Ultron fim, which I was waiting for almost year and a half I believe.

(Brother cameo, Arenal volcano and La Fortuna river)

The movie was kinda great, I liked it, but as always there was some ups and downs.

With work, well, occupied as always, but happy, enjoying Android more and more every day, and investigating and reading tons of interesting stuff regarding that. By the way, I moved from Eclipse to Android Studio, because Google finally released an stable version of their IDE and let me tell you that is absolutely great, making Android programming easier with every update.

So, if you guys are using Eclipse still, I strictly recommend you to move to Android Studio and start digging, reading and making new apps!

That’s it for today, hope you enjoy it! Kind regards!


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