Captain America: Civil War review


To be honest, I think I was one of the most hyped fanboy with this movie, and after I saw it, I thanked the good ol’ Odin for bringing the Russos to the MCU. Now, let’s begin.

Civil War starts right after the Age of Ultron disaster, showing some cool stuff that the avengers have been practicing, with some bad ass moves and techniques basically to show off the goodies that all have been learning. As the Winter Soldier, I like to call this one a “political thriller” as well, keeping the fans thrilled for the entire movie (which lasts about 2:30 hours).

Somewhat loyal to the source material of the Civil War arc with some twists really well handled by the Russos (I have to say that I hate almost every twist made to the source material, such as the X Men suits), the story shows a beautiful bromance between the Winter Soldier and Cap, and also the counterpart, where Tony and friends have a valid point of view of the situation. The fact that the directors took the time to show us both sides of the story it’s pretty remarkable because they’re letting the fans choose the side they think is cooler.

I’m not going to enter the details of the movie because I’m not a complete a^&hole, I’m just going to go with every new or fairly new character, and what I thought about them.


Cool as hell. It seems that Paul Bettany is committed to the role, and brings us an amazing Vision using bad ass sweaters, and caring about Scarlet Witch, just as the comics. Well played by Vision, who has incredible abilities that he didn’t show in Age of Ultron.

Scarlet Witch

DAMMMMN!!!! Bad ass abilities, and also fear about them, and most importantly, some love for Vision, oh yeah!

Black Panther

Simply the cooler incorporation to the Avengers (probably), with a clever introduction and showing a lot of diplomacy (after all, he’s a prince) and support for the situations happened. I have to say, that now I’m hyped for the Black Panther film, waiting to see more from Chadwick as the wakanian (or is it wakandian?, I don’t know).


I think Spiderman is one of the reasons that many people are excited about the movie, and let me tell ya, it’s ok to be. The kid just nails it, being as glorious as Spidey has to be, showing a cool web swinger and most important: making us forget Toby (thanks again Odin) and also Andrew (sorry for you dude, you’re a good actor).

To end, I have to say this is one of the best movies ever made by Marvel studios, surpassed only by The Winter Soldier (just my opinion). If I have to give a number, I go for an 8.

I hope you guys enjoyed my review, and if you haven’t seen Civil War, what are you waiting for?

See ya!


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