Batman V Superman review

So, after seeing all the leaked and trailer footage, and judging by the output for Man of Steel and it’s director, I wasn’t expecting the greatest super hero film ever made. Actually I went to see it just because I’m a fanboy, and well, a believer that the DC universe has enough material to make great movies, even better than Marvel’s.

So, here is my review for Dawn of justice:

Batman V Superman: good things and bad things.
Entering skeptical to see a movie, gives us a space to be critical, to analyze, and somehow tear to see where really good and not so good.
We started with the hard film 2:30 accurate, creating an interesting bat expectation, most everything that was known in advance of the film.

Good things:

1. Batman, and everything related to.
Undoubtedly, Batman always generates intrigue, is one of the most beloved super heroes and it’s a true shame when it is badly managed (f*ck u George Clooney and Val Kilmer) but this is not the case. We all know that Ben Affleck is not the greatest actor in Hollywood, and that we can all agree that is better as a writer, his Batman is the most remarkable thing in the entire flick. His Batman is even comparable to what the Keatons’ Batman did in the 80’s, and with a way cooler Alfred, and a series of cool gadgets, which presumably he makes.
2. Wonder Woman. Although it has her own things to do, very well made, excellent casting, and being as bad ass as expected from WW.
3. Cameos. Simply brilliant.
4. Fight scenes. The Batman ones are brutal, the Superman ones must be improved, but they’re good overall.

Things not so good:
1. Superman. Although Henry Cavill is very similar to the comic book Superman, and that in the previous movie unfolded very well, in BvS simply goes almost to third plane, and it’s becomes somewhat unnecessary.
2. Lois Lane: more appearances that she should have. Very good actress and the role it does, but appears too much in the plot, making us wonder if the movie is about Superman or Lois Lane.
3. Lex Luthor: since the cast announcement, I wasn’t happy with the choice for Lex Luthor. Jesse just doesn’t get it, it’s terribly overacted, and the worst thing, trying to look Jokerish.
4. The plot itself. The writers are the MoS ones, which had shown little ability to provide good script and story, this movie not being the exception.
5. Showing the big bads in films that are just second installment. Doomsday is the big bad in Superman, the only one who manages to kill him and also gives him a terrible headache; could have been delayed for a future film.
6. Brutality of Batman. When you see the movie, you’ll understand.

From my perspective, BvS gets an 6/10.

So, thank you for reading and if you have comments, please post them below! See ya!


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