Android experience

Hello folks! Here I am again, talking about my life as a worker/programmer/musician(yeah right LOL)/handsome dude, today to talk you about my Android experience.

When I started on this job, on July 1st, 2014, I was never told that I was going to start building mobile apps,but I was kinda excited actually. There was going to be a whole different world for me you know, coming from a job where I barely programmed anything, using a software that I finished hating, and I said, well… Is JAVA! So f*ck yeah!

I really thought that it’ll be trivial, I really did, but at the end. It was not. I mean, by the time I’ve already made like a hello world and something like showing the number of processes running… Really simple stuff.

As I did with Grails, I took a book and started reading, and then programming, and then realize that Android isn’t that simple, but well, I already said yes so there’s no turning back.

To make long story short, I’ve faced a lot of issues with Android, but I think I like it a lot, it makes me grow as a programmer, and it helps me getting more flooded with new programming tendencies.

So, my advice for you today is to go for it! Download the bundle at Google and begin working on your own ideas! I’m pretty sure you’ll learn a lot.

‘Til next time!


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